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Your Next Step is here to support Hoosiers like you. Whether you need help finding a job, learning new skills, furthering your education or securing emergency aid to get back on your feet, Your Next Step starts here. Brought to you by the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet, employers, policymakers and other key state and local partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need support. How can this website help me?

On this website, you can find key tools to help you take your next step. This includes searching for jobs, building resumes, understanding different career paths, enrolling in education and training and paying for college. It also includes critical support to help you get back on your feet at a time of unprecedented need while you search for the next step. Find information and resources to help with unemployment insurance, childcare, healthcare and food assistance.

What is the Your Next Step website? Who is providing these resources?

The Your Next Step website provides a one-stop shop for resources in Indiana that can help you take the next step in your career, education and life. Think of the website as a lobby, with doors you can choose to walk through and connect to the help you need to move forward. Your Next Step website is supported by the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet, Indiana government agencies, higher education and training providers, Hoosier employers, state policymakers, local communities, faith-based organizations and other key partners.

I already have some college credit and/or work experience. Can I use that to increase my skills and earning potential?

Yes. There are a lot of opportunities available to help you use what you already know to help you move forward. Many education and training programs provide credit for past work experience or college credits. Every situation is unique, but most people are closer than they might realize to leveling up their career or education.

I’m considering pursuing additional education and training. How do I know it will pay off?

Now more than ever, some form of education beyond high school is necessary to secure and keep a job that provides for you and your family. As the economy recovers from the COVID-19 shutdown, past experience shows those with college degrees or other post-high school credentials are best positioned to land the jobs that come back.

How I can afford education and training beyond high school?

Indiana leaders know there is no more important foundation for career success than completing high school education and getting education beyond a high school diploma. The state has set aside funding to cover the cost of earning an education that leads to in-demand jobs, so you may qualify to earn your credential or degree at no cost. Federal dollars also are available to make post-high-school education affordable.

How do I fit education or training into my already too-crowded schedule?

Your time is valuable. Over a third of undergraduate students are over 25, and 40 percent work full time and almost a quarter have children or other dependents. Education providers have designed programs and career counseling services that are delivered flexibly online to meet the needs of working students.

I just lost my job. How can I get help?

On this website, you can get support in signing up for unemployment insurance, finding a new job in your field, looking at new careers and getting the education and training needed to help you get there.


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