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As the economy recovers from COVID-19, past experience shows those with college degrees or other post-high school credentials are best positioned to land the jobs that come back. Getting an education beyond high school is more accessible and affordable than you think. We’re here to make the process of figuring out your next step easier so you can move forward.

INvestEd’s Indiana-based experts can help you answer questions about what type of education you should pursue and how to pay for it.

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Are you an adult planning your path back to college? The Adult Student Grant is designed to help you finish what you started by providing a $2,000 grant that may be used toward tuition and fees.

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Learn More Indiana helps any student or parent who wants to learn more about the process of preparing for college, succeeding in college and how to pay for it all.

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40% of people in college work full time

Wondering if you can take the next step? Know you won’t be alone. Over a third of undergraduate students are over the age of 25, some 40% work full time, and almost a quarter have children or other dependents.

Looking for a different path?

Here are other education and training options and ways to pay for them.